Wattle Tree Rd, Malvern. Dome Building. Art Deco style ceiling boss reproduction.

The term ceiling ‘boss’ is used for a block that sits in the junction between ceiling ‘straps’ or ‘architraves’.

Vision Ornate Plaster 0

This particular ceiling boss was larger than usual and set out as corner pieces, with the strapping acting as an algorithm rather than intersecting at cross points as in traditional use. Although the original boss was not available, the builder had kept hi-resolution images of the original, making the reproduction quite achievable. Vision Ornate Plaster have a proven reputation in producing handmade reproductions off historical photos. We were pleased to undertake this project and beautiful design with Dome building who we have completed numerous ultra-high end and complex heritage work previously with.

The first step was to ascertain the original dimensions of the boss. We scaled this off the original plaster strapping that we had in hand, and other elements within the photo.

Vision Ornate Plaster 1

Once the scaling was completed, a hand drawn 1:1 plan was set out out using geometry methods and tools. As though it is a floral design, it comprises of multiple mirrored radiuses. Like that of a traditional ‘Mandala’ design.

Vision Ornate Plaster 2

The plan’s lines were then used as guides to ‘clay model’ in a quarter of the design.

Vision Ornate Plaster 3

The quarter was then moulded in plaster 4 times to make up the design. This ensures consistency.

Vision Ornate Plaster 4

The frame surround was ‘run’ by hand out of plaster then mitred to produce the frame. With all the hard elements together now ‘stopping’ in commenced which is the process of filling in all joins, gaps and sculpting out detail.

Vision Ornate Plaster 5

The Model is now complete and after the client’s review/critique, is dressed in traditional shellac ready for the production mould.

Vision Ornate Plaster 6

Plaster is cast over the mould which captures micro millimeter detail and is then also shellacked to produce the final casts.

Vision Ornate Plaster 7
Once the mould is dry the casts are then produced in plaster, dried and installed on site for the happy clients!
Wattle Tree Dome Pro Pro Shot By Builder

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