Heritage plaster restoration & mouldings

Award-winning bespoke plaster reproduction and repair services

Yes, heritage plaster mouldings can be reproduced!

Based in Melbourne, Vision Ornate Plaster has a passion for the ways of the old craftsmen, artists, and architecture. When it comes to heritage plaster restoration, the skills of the old masters are in our blood!

With a family history rich in heritage plaster repair services and carpentry, we pride ourselves on genuine old-fashioned workmanship for safe, effective and clean finishing of heritage plaster restoration and replication.

Over more than 20 years in the plastering and building trade working alongside master craftsmen, our award-winning specialists have developed a vast knowledge of plaster reproduction techniques, processes and fine detail.

We expertly repair, restore and reproduce heritage plaster mouldings by hand, with the same skills and techniques used to create the originals.

Custom heritage plaster moulding restoration

Materials are mostly the same as casting plaster used to re-create the original heritage plaster mouldings. These moulds were originally made on site, with sand, cement and plaster. Therefore the newly produced casts are identical, significantly lighter and will not break up and degrade as the original moulds do.

Vision Ornate Plaster can customise heritage plaster mouldings for decorative plaster cornice reproduction, plaster archway arrangements and ornamental plaster restoration.

Unique, simplified and personal heritage plaster repair services

The basic order of works for heritage plaster moulding restoration and repair usually occurs as follows;


  • Initial site consultation and introduction to the scope of works.
  • Advice and quotation.
  • Site template and samples.

In the workshop:

  • Restorative paint stripping, patching and re-modelling.
  • Plaster reproduction process.
  • Re-casting the replacement or modified sections from the mould.


  • Delivery, re-installation and fine finishing.

Vision Ornate Plaster has worked on various high-profile heritage bespoke plaster reproductions, including:

  • The Forum Theatre redevelopment
  • The Princess Theatre redevelopment
  • Regent Theatre
  • Bayside Masonic Centre
  • Welsh Church cottage
  • Countless 100-year-old heritage-listed residences in Melbourne.

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