Plaster restoration consulting & feasibility reports

Heritage plasterwork and restoration feasibility

At Vision Ornate Plaster, we specialise in plaster restoration consulting and feasibility reports. In the early stages of commercial ornate projects, forward planning, budgeting, and design rests on the ‘feasibility’ of either keeping the original mouldings and restoring them on site or reproducing new fresh casts. This includes the ability to reproduce additional casts to suit the extended redevelopment.

Contrary to popular opinion, some mouldings can be successfully dismounted, restored and re-installed. Historical and modern plaster casting is virtually done the same way, producing strong and durable casts that often age better than the substrates they are fixed to!

Conversely, at times, due to severe damage and lack of maintenance, it may be better to reproduce the mouldings to avoid further maintenance, degradation and provide a rejuvenated finish.

Our plaster restoration consultation reports ensure the best results for artistic and ornamental plaster restoration Australia-wide.

Consultation and heritage plaster restoration feasibility reports are produced and supplied, including:

  • On-site meeting with proposals, the scope of works and planning documents supplied.
  • Estimation of consequent on-site inspections of all moulds, substrate and sub-structure.
  • A quoted amount for the production of the plaster restoration consultation report, outlining options and costings.

Once the client raises a purchase order and grants permission for further practical inspections:

  • Non-evasive tests are undertaken to determine the condition of the moulds and probability of dismounting (if requested and pre-arranged, product can be dismounted for visual confirmation).
  • Design and planning the restoration and/or manufacturing of heritage plaster mouldings.
  • Environmental safety and general work and scaffolding method planning.
  • Estimating financial costs and time to satisfy the provided scope of works.

An exclusive and confidential heritage plaster restoration feasibility report is then supplied in a PDF document with details including:

  • Costing estimation for heritage plaster restoration or reproduction of the mouldings.
  • Proposed fixing methods and building notes.
  • Lead time and sequencing proposals
  • High-resolution photos accompanying relevant text for individual tasks.
  • All supply, fix and finish labour costs including scaffolding.

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