Decorative plaster ceiling panels

Ornamental plaster ceiling roses & panels, Melbourne and Australia

There are many modern-day cornices, decorative plaster ceiling panels, rosettes, decorative strapping and enrichments that when carefully designed, can dramatically enhance the character, presentation and value of your investment. Vision Ornate Plaster has one of Melbourne’s most extensive libraries of ceiling panels and roses. Our specialist team can restore ornamental plaster ceiling roses and hand-made plaster ceiling panels.

Decorative plaster ceiling panels

We can dress-up large and plain hand-made plaster ceiling panels to complement lighting fixtures and add dimension and depth to the room.

Ceiling rosettes

Ornamental plaster ceiling roses provide a geometrical centre-point to the room and greatly complement lighting fixtures.

Ceiling strapping

We can install everything from a plain line right through to art deco plaster strapping set out in grids or algorithms to add depth, design and symmetry to an entire room. Strapping can also be used as an enhancing surround for cornice, decorative plaster ceiling panels, and certain ceiling rosette configurations.


Ask us about traditional and heritage plaster cornice reproduction to dramatically enhance and change the design of your investment.

Vision Ornate Plaster can supply, arrange and install traditional and historical decorative plaster ceiling products from our own extensive catalogue, with high-quality and fine finishing.

Contact us for custom-made heritage plaster mouldings and ornamental plaster reproduction.

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