Custom-made plaster archways

Plaster archway arrangements & arch mouldings

Vision Ornate Plaster is the expert in plaster archway arrangements and custom-made plaster archways. We can restore, customise or create plaster archways and arrangements to suit both new and heritage buildings.

The traditional plaster archway arrangement consists of (top to bottom):

  • The ‘sweep’ (the curved strap or architrave)
  • Caps or collars – left and right
  • Corbel – left and right.

There are 2 main types of plaster archway arrangements:

  • Circular – circular plaster archways usually have a larger finished height, though can be made to suit smaller openings.
  • Elliptical – loosely described as a ‘half oval’, these plaster archways usually suit wider openings or restricted heights.

Both types of plaster archways are entirely hand-made.

Plaster archway arrangements are often seen in the typical but generalised ‘Victorian’ residences and they can be one of the most effective ways to dress up your project. Conversely, a degraded or damaged existing arch can be fully restored or customised for dramatic effect.

Vision Ornate Plaster can create new, custom-made plaster archways to meet opening and height requirements, designed on site for existing and new buildings.

We can customise sweeps (the curved strap or architrave) and our extensive catalogue of corbels, keystones and arch profiles provide scope to suit the aesthetics of the project and the client’s taste.

Ornamental plaster restoration can include the reproduction and re-running of the sweep, duplication, and remodelling of existing damaged corbels and caps. Duplication of the whole arrangement for installation in another area of the project is also possible to subject to site measurements.

We can also provide detailed plaster restoration consulting services for custom heritage plaster restoration projects across Australia.

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