Yearly Archive: 2022

Wattle Tree Dome Pro Pro Shot By Builder

Wattle Tree Rd, Malvern. Dome Building. Art Deco style ceiling boss reproduction.

The term ceiling ‘boss’ is used for a block that sits in the junction between ceiling ‘straps’ or ‘architraves’. This particular ceiling boss was larger than usual and set out as corner pieces, with the strapping acting as an algorithm rather than intersecting at cross points as in traditional use. Although the original boss was... Read more
modern plaster moulding Melbourne

Modern plaster moulding in Melbourne

Aside from heritage plaster moulding production and repair work, Vision Ornate Plaster also does modern or contemporary work as well. This project was done in a Toorak home near Melbourne. It’s one that we’re quite proud of, because of its design and how it turned out. With the designing process, we had the pleasure of... Read more
plaster restoration Brighton Victoria

Plaster restoration in Brighton, Victoria

Vision Ornate Plaster completed an exciting plaster reproduction and restoration in beautiful Brighton, Victoria. The project is an extensive Art Nouveau, my favourite period of architecture, as it celebrates good craftmanship, and a certain flare and “positivity” in its design. For this spectacular project, the team restored and remade multiple silicone moulds and many run... Read more
plaster restoration Melbourne Town Hall

Plaster restoration for the iconic Melbourne Town Hall

The Melbourne Town Hall is iconic as iconic can be, so you can be sure that I was thrilled to jump right on this special plaster restoration project. The team at Vision Ornate Plaster faced quite a challenge with this one, replacing the bulkheads between the giant pilasters and carrying out sensitive crack repairs around... Read more