Award-winning heritage plaster restoration experts in Melbourne, Australia

Ornamental plaster moulding

Vision Ornate Plaster is a truly unique plaster reproduction service, where all custom replications are hand-made and installed by the same business. Our end-to-end heritage plaster restoration service saves clients time and money, as they deal with the one business and not a chain of related trades.

Our team provides personal, focused, professional service and high-class work for old and new specialist plaster reproduction projects. We are listed on the Victorian Heritage Contractors and Consultants Directory, with past projects including Melbourne’s Princess Theatre, Regent Theatre, Welsh Church cottage and heritage-listed residences.

Vision Ornate Plaster honours the old ways of master craftsmanship and the lost arts such as ornamental plaster reproduction, architectural modelling and manufacturing.

How we work

  1. On-site plaster restoration consultation.
  2. Site template of ornamental plaster moulding and sampling for cross reference and reproduction.
  3. Back to workshop to restore and make the new moulding.
  4. Final installation.

Bespoke plaster reproduction services

Vision Ornate Plaster also offers specialised professional plaster restoration consulting services for pre-construction ornamental plaster design, including costing, sequencing and feasibility reports. Useful for architects, management, construction and media personnel, feasibility inspections and reports help determine the possibility and practicality of restoring a project versus the plaster reproduction.

Our award-winning business is the proud product of more than two decades of experience. This includes not just all facets of the plastering trade, but building and construction, commercial and domestic project management, quality assurance and administration, customer service, sales and consultancy. We understand the importance of professionalism at all times and provide digital quotations, tax invoices, progress and feasibility reports, with images as required.

Vision Ornate Plaster is competent and prefers the Aconex system on commercial projects.

We are fully insured liability, income and WorkCover compliant.

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