Ornamental plaster moulding & restoration

Ornamental plaster reproduction

Vision Ornate Plaster is Australia’s nation-wide expert in artistic plaster restoration and reproduction in ornamental plaster work and decorative ornaments such as:

  • Ornate ceilings, including historical ceiling rosettes and hand-made plaster ceiling panels
  • Decorative plaster ornaments and reliefs.
  • Plaster-made interior statuettes.

Ornamental plaster restoration ensures you retain the character and historical value of your initial investment.

Where ornamental plaster moulding is useful

When old ‘solid plaster’ or ‘lath and plaster’ buildings age or are degraded past repair, it is often more practical for the client to re-line the walls and ceilings in modern plasterboard or new sand and cement. This minimises maintenance and rejuvenates the building’s interior presentation.

Often in residences of this age, ceiling roses, panels and general decorative ornamental plaster mouldings can actually be in better condition than most other substrates due to the solid casting techniques and materials historically used.

More often than not, the ornamental plaster mouldings are sadly disposed of in the initial demolition, with the common misinformation of ‘they don’t make these anymore’ or ‘you can’t take these down in one piece’.

Aside from attempting to match the ornamental product with our extensive catalogue, Vision Ornate Plaster provides ornamental plaster restoration, repair, remodelling and reproduction.

The ornamental plaster restoration process generally involves:



  • Restorative paint stripping, patching, and remodelling.
  • Reproductive ornamental plaster moulding process.
  • Re-casting the new replacement or modified sections from the mould.


  • Delivery and re-installation and fine finishing.

Ornamental plaster restoration is a specialist, intricate and rewarding process that allows buildings to retain the original ornamental plaster mouldings or reproduce them using original techniques.

Call Vision Ornate Plaster for all your heritage plaster restoration needs. We’ve worked with heritage-listed buildings across Melbourne and Australia-wide.

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