Heritage & decorative plaster cornice reproduction

We make & supply heritage and decorative plaster cornices, Australia-wide

Often in heritage buildings and homes, the existing decorative plaster cornice is no longer commercially available. The unfortunate misconception is that the existing cornice cannot be matched. However, Vision Ornate Plaster can replicate and reproduce any style of heritage plaster cornice to exactly match the original.

This custom plaster cornice reproduction is vital in such circumstances as water damage or renovation, and it means the client does not need to compromise on the design finish.

Our heritage plaster cornice reproduction process

A sample of the decorative plaster cornice is taken and reverse moulded to the exact measurements, profile and decorative patterns.

The supply can be a few lengths for finishing around joinery bulkheads and replacing water-damaged sections or multiple lengths to replace whole rooms in the new, fresh, original cornice.

All heritage plaster cornice reproductions are hand-made, remodelled (if necessary) and essentially made with the exact same techniques used originally. New, fresh casts enhance old, detailed patterns dramatically, while in some cases an ‘aged’ look can be reproduced to match in with the existing cornice.

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