End-to-end development of Bayside Masonic Ornate ceiling dome

Vision Ornate Plaster was initially approached by Buxton Constructions to review plans for the development of an ornate ceiling dome for the Bayside Masonic Centre. The Centre at the time was under construction in Gardenvale, Melbourne.

The plans developed by the Melbourne architecture firm, the Buchan Group showed a 6.4m wide, multi-tiered and fluted decorative plaster dome. The dome was to be the centerpiece of the Freemason Blue Lodge room.

With a plaster moulding project of this detail and stature, CAD designs and a good knowledge of geometry, construction and specialist plastering were required.

We undertook multiple site visits and spent hours offsite reverse engineering the CAD plans with our mentor and expert plaster modeler Andy Hopkins.

We developed our own shop drawings determining that the dome had to be separated into 2 x main tiers, the lower ring and upper ring.

The lower ring consisted of 16 x 1500 x 1350mm large fluted segments, the upper consisted of 10 x 1300 x 900mm sized segments. The top dome was a 3 x piece 1200mm plain dome. This was all bordered and framed by a large, cantilevered light trough. A massive total of 40 pieces and approx. 350kg of plaster mouldings were used for this amazing project.

The project consumed around 2 months in our Greensborough workshop and many late nights. Due to the diminished flute segments, accuracy was paramount as every piece had to match up over a 20m circumference.

An extraordinary task made even more important paying respect to the Freemasons rich history in geometry and trade skills.

With a passion for plaster mouldings and focus on the end result, our team made all the segments in the factory, built the steel sub-framing onsite and successfully installed the 40 piece dome to perfection. The finishing presenting a seamless, stunning product.

Vision Ornate Plaster Pty Ltd are extremely proud to be an end-to-end service undertaking CAD design, specialist moulding, construction and high-class plaster finishing. All these elements were effective in producing this stunning dome linked together with our reputation in Commercial project management.

The dome was re-visited 13 months later after the initial warranty period and we were extremely proud to see the dome in pristine condition without any signs of movement or defects.

A special thanks to Paul Bianchi and the team at Buchan Constructions, Bruce Dickinson at Buchan Architecture, Freemasons Victoria and the Vision Ornate Plaster team for this stunning project. Contact us today to learn more on 0418 198 832.