Plaster restoration for the iconic Melbourne Town Hall

The Melbourne Town Hall is iconic as iconic can be, so you can be sure that I was thrilled to jump right on this special plaster restoration project.

The team at Vision Ornate Plaster faced quite a challenge with this one, replacing the bulkheads between the giant pilasters and carrying out sensitive crack repairs around the 19 murals—mostly by being on top of a spider boom approximately 20-30 meters in the air.

plaster restoration Melbourne Town Hall plaster restoration Melbourne Town Hall plaster restoration Melbourne Town Hall

Aside from the significance that this project had, Vision Ornate Plaster had the pleasure of collaborating with Melbourne’s foremost Authority in Heritage architecture and Andrew Thorn of ArtCare, a worldwide expert in art conservation.

This Melbourne Town Hall project was finished just in time for the Australia Day ceremonies.

Here are some of the services that Vision Ornate Plaster offers:

  • Commercial and residential heritage plaster moulding and reproduction
  • Plaster archway arrangements
  • Decorative plaster ceiling panels and rosettes
  • Statue repair
  • Bespoke plaster reproduction for custom arrangements
  • An extensive catalogue of classic ceiling panels and rosettes.

If you would like to have any of these done for any project that you may have, big or small, in commercial or residential spaces, contact us today.