Plaster restoration in Brighton, Victoria

Vision Ornate Plaster completed an exciting plaster reproduction and restoration in beautiful Brighton, Victoria.

The project is an extensive Art Nouveau, my favourite period of architecture, as it celebrates good craftmanship, and a certain flare and “positivity” in its design.

plaster restoration Brighton Victoria plaster restoration Brighton Victoria plaster restoration Brighton Victoria

For this spectacular project, the team restored and remade multiple silicone moulds and many run casts.

Vision Ornate Plaster creates and repairs heritage plaster mouldings such as this, all hand-made. We do things from start to finish, from consultation all the way to installation. So, instead of having different trades for designing, creating, and installation, all your needs are sorted under one roof—giving you peace of mind, and saving you time and money.

With more than 20 years of experience, you can count on us to take care of your heritage plaster moulding needs. If you’re thinking of having some created to beautify your space or some existing mouldings repaired, get in touch with us today.